How Do You Know Your Guinea Pig Has Diarrhea?

Causes, Symptoms and Prevention of Guinea Diarrhea

Looseness of the bowels is a typical issue for the majority of various types of pets, and guinea pigs are no exemption. Delicate, unformed stool is simply easy to clean however can show a difficult issue in your cavy. Realizing what could be causing this looseness of the bowels and the way things are securely treated can assist with keeping your guinea pig sound and clean.

How Do You Know Your Guinea Pig Has Diarrhea?

What is Diarrhea?

The run is characterized as free, unformed, or watery stool. It happens on various occasions a day and dissimilar to framed guinea pig droppings, the runs are untidy, rotten, and strange.

Side effects of Diarrhea in Guinea Pigs

On the off chance that your guinea pig isn't acting regularly or has had intermittent runs for over a day, accept it to your veterinarian as quickly as time permits.

  • Free, delicate, or unformed waste pellets
  • Chaotic backside
  • Grimy sheet material
  • Foul smell
  • Indented eyes

Unformed Fecal Pellets

The most recognizable side effect of the runs in your guinea pig is the free, delicate, and unformed waste pellets it will leave in its enclosure. Your pet's crap ought not be wet or soft. They ought to be a piece firm, smooth and uniform in shape (typical pellets will seem to be stout grains of rice), and darkish brown. In the event that the state of the pellet isn't uniform in its shape and thickness, there is an issue.

Muddled Rear End

On the off chance that you're not seeing typical, shaped waste pellets in your guinea pig's enclosure, you may rather find feces developed on its rear end. The runs doesn't handily drop off of a guinea pig as does ordinary crap and will rather adhere to the fur and legs.

Grimy Bedding

Some delicate, free, or unformed waste pellets will be perceptible in the enclosure, yet guinea pigs with looseness of the bowels frequently have extra filthy sheet material. Typical waste pellets don't douse into the sheet material as watery loose bowels do.

Foul Smell

The chaotic backside and filthy sheet material will bring about a foul smell in the enclosure. The runs might have additionally stained the fur around your cavy's butt-centric region which may likewise add to the smell.

Depressed Eyes

At last, in the event that looseness of the bowels isn't tended to, parchedness can undoubtedly happen bringing about the eyes giving off an impression of being depressed into the head.

Reasons for Diarrhea

Guinea pigs can foster the runs because of various things. Probably the most well-known causes include:

Ill-advised diet: Diarrhea can bring about a guinea pig that doesn't have a proper eating routine. A lopsidedness of good microscopic organisms in the stomach, hypovitaminosis, overabundance of water, and an absence of fiber can make stools runny.

Bacterial or viral disease: Infections can upset a solid stomach and cause looseness of the bowels in your guinea pig in the event that they become a fundamental issue. Respiratory issues, an abundance of microscopic organisms in the stomach, and, surprisingly, tainted injuries that do without treatment might cause the runs.

Parasitic contamination: While gastrointestinal parasites are not normal in guinea pigs, they can be tainted with outside parasites like mange and lice. These parasites can be irritating or even agonizing to your guinea pig and influence them to be focused on and foster loose bowels.

Stress: Any illness or disease can cause creatures stress. However, there are additionally natural stressors that can cause loose bowels. New enclosure mates, different pets, youngsters, or commotions outside the enclosure, moving, temperature changes, and different things can cause your guinea pig's stools to be delicate and not shaped well.

Different illnesses: Various malignant growths and different sicknesses can bring about loose bowels relying upon what it means for your guinea pig.

Diagnosing Diarrhea in Guinea Pigs

Clear clinical signs will tell your veterinarian your guinea pig has looseness of the bowels. In any case, the specialist should analyze the reason. Your veterinarian might have to pursue tests carrying out an actual assessment to decide the justification for the looseness of the bowels on the off chance that it isn't clearly connected with diet or climate.


To treat the looseness of the bowels, you'll have to know the fundamental justification for it. Diet might be remedied by including Vitamin C or more fiber, ecological stressors might be wiped out, and contaminations, parasites, and illnesses might require different prescriptions. Liquids may likewise should be directed assuming your guinea pig is dried out due to the looseness of the bowels.

Anticipation for Guinea Pigs With Diarrhea

A guinea pig that is expeditiously treated for loose bowels and its objective will probably proceed to have a typical existence except if the condition is the side effect of a more deadly infection. Troublesome treatment of the runs might bring about serious parchedness and passing.

Instructions to Prevent Diarrhea

There are ways of helping with the counteraction of loose bowels in guinea pigs. Regularly practice it to keep up with these three pieces of your cavy's life:

Diet: A guinea pig's eating routine ought to be high in fiber alongside dull, verdant vegetables to keep a solid stomach and assist with staying away from looseness of the bowels. An unseemly eating routine is a typical justification for the runs yet additionally a truly avoidable one.

Confine: Your guinea pig's enclosure ought to be avoided drafts to assist with keeping them from becoming ill. Find the enclosure away from regions where felines, canines, and different pets might make them feel undermined much of the time. Enclosures ought to likewise be cleaned routinely to stay away from a grimy climate that could cause a disease.

Quarantine: New guinea pigs ought to be isolated for basically seven days prior to being acquainted with your more seasoned pigs. This can assist with forestalling spreading parasites that can pressure a guinea pig and result in loose bowels.


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